Please note that the following list of affiliated faculty is organized by primary discipline:


Africana Studies

Glover, Kaiama L.  Francophone Caribbean literature with focus on Haiti; French and Afrian studies; comparative literature; and human rights. France; Haiti.
Martin, Jospeh Paul Human rights in the developing world; human rights education. Mexico; Brazil.


Azenha, Gustavo S.  Development and socioenvironmental politics in Brazil; historical and contemporary interrelations between environmental, indigenous, and economic development policies; politics of inequality and the role of civil society and social movements in public policy dynamics;  politics of sustainable development, public health, and education & technology. Brazil; Venezuela.
D’Altroy, Terence  Archaeology; politics and economics of complex societies;  epistemology of imperial formations; empires; Incas; applied analytical and archaeometric methods. Peru; Argentina; Mexico.
Gregory, Steven The formation and reproduction of social hierarchies and political identities in the United States and in the Caribbean. Dominican Republic.
Lomnitz, Claudio  History; political anthropology; cultural history. Mexico; Brazil.
Orlove, Ben Climate change adaptation; environmental anthropology; human response to glacier retreat in mountain regions; water management and governance; natural hazards and disaster risk reduction; urban sustainability. Peru.
Scott, David Colonialism and postcolonialism in the Caribbean. Caribbean.
Taussing, Michael History of slavery; colonialism and state fetishism. Colombia; Venezuela; Pacific Coast; Mexico; France.

Art History & Archaeology

Alberro, Alexander  History of Modern and Contemporary art (1860s-present); history of Photography (1820s-present); history of Latin American art Caribbean art (20th and 21st centuries); critical Theory. United States; France; Germany; Italy; United Kingdom; Switzerland; Spain; Argentina; Brazil; Uruguay; Venezuela; Cuba.
Pasztory, Esther The art of Mesoamerica; art theory; Andean art and architecture. Mexico; Andean Region.


Fraiman, Nelson  Institutionalizing quality improvement and the retailing; consulting and process industries with application to Latin America. Uruguay; Argentina.

Cinema Studies/Film

Peña, Richard  Interaction of Latin American filmmakers with general trends in world cinema such as realism, modernism, and the impact of digital technology. Brazil; Argentina; Cuba; Spain.


Calvo, Guillermo Macroeconomic policy in Latin America; capital flows. Argentina; Mexico.
Calvo, Sara Economic development of Latin America; emerging markets; macroeconomic and financial policies. Argentina; Bolivia; Costa Rica; Panama.
Dye, Alan Economic history of Latin America and the Caribbean; business organization and microeconomics; innovation and political economy; prerevolutionary Cuba and the United States. Argentina; Cuba; the Caribbean.
Fishlow, Albert Economic history and Brazilian economy; trade and finance. Brazil.
Ocampo, Jose Antonio Macroeconomic policy in Latin America; economic history; trade; development economics. Colombia.
Rivera-Batiz, Francisco International economics and economics of education. Argentina; Dominican Republic; Colombia; El Salvador; Puerto Rico.
Soares, Rodrigo  Development economics; health; demographic and labor economics; economics of crime. Brazil.
Uribe, Martín  International macroeconomics; monetary economics; business cycle theory; the Argentine economy. N/A
Urquiola, Miguel  Economics of Education, with a focus on understanding how schools and universities compete, and how they form reputations for quality.  It also covers how parents and students select educational providers, and the consequences such choices have on sorting and labor market outcomes. Chile; United States; Colombia; Romania; Bolivia.
Verhoogen, Eric  Industrial development; firms; innovation; productivity; trade; industrial policy; labor markets in developing countries; process of quality upgrading; technology adoption, and productivity estimation. Mexico; Colombia; Chile; Brazil; Pakistan; Tunisia.


Comitas, Lambros Understanding of maritime communities in the West Indies; community structure and rural education in Bolivia; education and change in the Creole Caribbean; occupational multiplicity; migration; education in the developing world; drugs and society. Barbados; Jamaica; Dominican Republic; Bolivia; Greece; the former Soviet Republic of Georgia; Andorra; the Canary Islands.
Cortina, Regina Gender equity and education among girls and women in Latin America; the education and employment of teachers; public policy and education in Mexico and Latin America; educational attainment among Indigenous children and the poor in Latin America; the schooling of Latin American-born students in the United States. Mexico; Peru; Bolivia.
Crowley, Catherine  Speech-language pathology; bilingual education. Bolivia; Colombia; Ghana; Ethiopia.
Friedrich, Daniel  Curriculum studies and teacher education in a comparative perspective. Argentina; Chile; United States.
Levin, Henry Economics of education; educational policy. Spain; Mexico; Venezuela; Chile; Brazil; China.
Martínez-Roldán, Carmen M. Biliteracy of Latino students; the role of Spanish as a linguistic resource for Latino students; Latino children’s literature; Latina women narratives. Puerto Rico.
Souto Manning, Maríana V.  Inequities and injustices in early childhood teaching and teacher education; critically (re)centering methodologies and pedagogies on the lives, values, and experiences of intersectionally minoritized people of color; community-engaged research. Brazil; United States.

English & Comparative Literature

Negron-Muntaner, Frances Caribbean, Latino, Afro-Latino, and Hemispheric American studies; political theory and theories of revolutions; mass media and new media; art and cultural history; race, gender and sexuality. N/A

Environmental Studies

Baethgen, Walter  Improved climate risk management in agriculture, food Security, public health, water, and natural ecosystems. All of Latin America and Caribbean.
Pinedo Vasquez, Miguel  Development and conservation projects in Amazonia; patterns of smallholder management of tropical ecosystems and landscapes. Brazil; Peru.
Uriarte, Maria Forest and landscape ecology, focusing in Latin American tropical regions. Puerto Rico; Costa Rica; Peru; Brazil.


Ochoa, Ana Maria  Traditional Latin American music and transculturation; literature and cultural policy; the construction of the popular in Latin America. Brazil; Colombia.
Washburne, Christopher  Jazz; latin jazz, Caribbean music, salsa topics. Brazil; Cuba.

Health Sciences

Abraído-Lanza, Ana F.  Social, cultural, and psychological determinants of health among Latino populations in the United States; acculturation and health;  health disparities. United States; Dominican Republic.
Carballo-Diéguez, Alex HIV-prevention research in international settings around Latin America and the Caribbean. Puerto Rico; Argentina; Peru; Brazil; Thailand; South Africa.
Duarte, Cristiane S.  Child mental health and disparities. United States; Puerto Rico; Brazil; Mozambique.
Hirsch, Jennifer Social inequality and public health; immigration and health; heealth disparities among immigrant populations. Mexico.
Lantigua, Rafael Minority aging. Dominican Republic.
Martins, Silvia S.  Substance abuse  and psychiatric epidemiology and policies related to substance use; marijuana use; prescription drug use; urban health. Brazil; Uruguay; Argentina; Chile.
Orjuela-Grimm, Manuela  Risk factors for pediatric cancer; dietary folate intake and metabolism; prenatal and toddler diet in central Mexico and in Mexican immigrants in NYC; gene-nutrient interactions; latino immigrant and migrant dietary habits; food insecurity; health disparities. Mexico; Colombia.
Parker, Richard  Social and cultural construction of gender and sexuality; social aspects of HIV/AIDS; relationship between social inequality, health, and disease. Brazil; Asia; Africa; Latin America and the Caribbean.
Tupe, Debra  Sociology; public health; community based rehabilitation. Cuba; Nicaragua; the Caribbean.
Wainberg, Milton The intersection of HIV prevention and treatment with mental health and substance use; implementation science and global mental health. Brazil; Colombia; Mozambique; Uganda; Zambia; Botswana; South Africa; Malawi; Kazakstan; United States.


Coatsworth, John H.  Comparative economic, social, and international history with an emphasis on Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Mexico; Central America; Caribbean; Argentina.
Crahan, Margaret Colonial Latin America institutions, religion and politics; international relations; US policy towards Latin America; human rights, religion and politics; women political prisoners & resistance. Argentina; Brazil; Colombia; Costa Rica; Cuba; El Salvador;  Ecuador; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Peru; Uruguay; Spain.
Lightfoot, Natasha Slavery and emancipation in the Caribbean and Atlantic World; the history of the Caribbean from contact to the present; black cultures, identities and politics in the African Diaspora. Antigua & Barbuda.
Milanich, Nara  Modern Latin America; the history of family; gender; childhood; social inequality; state formation; legal history. Chile; Brazil; Argentina.
Moya, José Migration; anarchist movements; Latin American race and ethnicity. Argentina; Cuba.
Piccato, Pablo Social, cultural and political history of Mexico and Latin America; history of crime; history of the public sphere. Mexico.
Pizzigoni, Caterina  Colonial history of Latin America; indigenous populations and the study of sources in Nahuatl; social history; household and material culture; religion and gender. Mexico; Spain; United Kingdom.
Stepan, Nancy  History of science and medicine; representations of nature, and diseases in the colonial and post-colonial world. Brazil.

International & Public Affairs

Nakahodo, SIdney Economic, social, and political development in Brazil; tech startups; entrepreneurship; innovation; space policy. Brazil.
Nelson, Anne Global human rights and freedom of expression; digital media in development. Peru; Dominican Republic; Cuba; El Salvador; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Mexico; Colombia.
Newman, Gray  Contemporary Latin American economic history; institutional investors in the region’s recent history. Mexico; Brazil; Argentina.
Radon, Jenik  Sustainable development of natural resources such as mining, oil and gas; environmental protection; community acceptance and fair sharing. Colombia; Mexico; Peru.
Sotelino, Fernando International banking and finance; business strategy for financial institutions; banking and capital markets in emerging economies. Brazil; Mexico; Argentina; Chile.
Trebat, Thomas  Economic development problems of Latin America, with a particular focus on Brazil, but also covering the major economies of the region. Brazil; Chile.


Alarcon, Daniel  Audio and investigative journalism. Mexico; Peru; Honduras; El Salvador; Colombia; United States.
Dinges, John G.  Military dictatorships; US-Latin American relations; human rights and declassified history. Chile; Argentina; Paraguay; Uruguay; Brazil; Peru; Panama; El Salvador; Nicaragua; Guatemala; Mexico.


Garro, Alejandro Law; Latin American legal systems; comparative law. Argentina; Chile; Uruguay; Brazil.
Reynoso, Julissa Antitrust law; international commercial arbitration; international investment arbitration. Dominican Republic.
Sauvant, Karl  International investment policies. Brazil.


Graham, Pamela The role of archives in transitional justice; human rights, and memory; web archiving and digital preservation; the Open Access movement in Latin America. The caribbean; Iberia; Latin America.
Silva, Socrates N/A N/A

Political Science

Kaufman, Robert Comparative politics with special focus on Latin America. Chile; Brazil; Mexico.
Lagunes, Paul F. Political economy of development; corruption in the subnational governments in the Americas. Mexico; Peru.
Martin, Scott Comparative and global perspectives on labor movements and politics; social welfare policy; political economy of development. Brazil; Mexico.
Moncada, Eduardo Crime; violence; subnational politics; political economy of development. Colombia; Mexico; El Salvador; Guatemala; Ecuador.
Murillo, Maria Victoria Democratic responsiveness to citizens by examining the relationship between citizens, political parties or interest groups; policy outcomes in the emerging Latin American democracies; labor unions; market reforms; privatization; public utility regulation; consumer politics; electoral behavior; party-voter linkages; conflicts associated to the commodities boom; institutional weakness; foreign influence in Latin America. Argentina; Mexico; Paraguay; Venezuela; Chile.
Simon, Joshua North American and Latin American political thought; revolutions; constitutions; international institutions. Mexico.


Lu, Yao  Processes and consequences of internal and international migration. China; Mexico; United States.
Sassen, Saskia Social, economic and political globalization; immigration; global cities; terrorism; urban sociology; sociology of transnational processes; technology; dynamics of powerlessness in urban contexts and migration. Argentina.

Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature

Aguilo-Mora, Francisca  Literary and critical discourse analysis of U.S. Latina narrative; sociolinguistic and ideological aspects of Spanish in the U.S. and Catalan in Spain; Spanish second language acquisition and heritage language teaching from the perspective of sociocultural theory. Spain; United States; Cuba; Puerto Rico.
Alonso, Carlos 19th- and 20th-century Latin American intellectual history and cultural production. Cuba; Argentina.
Alonso-Aparicio, Irene Psycholinguistic approaches to Second Language Acquisition and Teaching. Spain; Germany.
Benezra, Karen 20th Century literature and visual art with an emphasis on the Southern Cone and on critical theory. N/A
Briggs, Ronald Convergence of education and literary theory in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Americas. Venezuela; Peru.
Castellanos Pazos, José Antonio  Portuguese for Spanish speakers; pedagogy of teaching. Brazil.
Horn, Maja Contemporary Latin American literary and cultural studies with a strong focus on the Hispanophone Caribbean region; gender and sexuality studies. Puerto Rico; Dominican Republic.
Huback, Ana Paula  Cognitive linguistics;  second language acquisition. Brazil; United States; Portugal.
Kimmel, Seth Early modern Iberian literature and culture; histories of secularism and religion; history of the book; history of science; Mediterranean studies. Spain; France; Syria; Israel; Ecuador.
Lee, Ana Paulina Race and racism in Brazil; Asians in the Americas; Brazilian literary and cultural production. Brazil; Japan.
Llopis-Garcia, Reyes  Intersection of cognitive linguistics and second language acquisition for applied linguistic pedagogy in the foreign language classroom. Spain; Germany.
Lozano, María Eugenia Technology as a mediating tool in foreign language teaching; language maintenance/attrition among heritage speakers; identity in second language learners. N/A
MacAdam, Alfred  Latin American literature. N/A
Mehta, Linn Cary Comparative North and South American literatures; American poetry of the 19th-20th centuries in English, Spanish, and French. Peru; Colombia.
Montaldo, Graciela Cultural studies in Latin America. Argentina.
Nemi Neto, João Queer theory and its ramifications – theoretically and socially – in Brazil; queer pedagogy as an approach to understand normalcy and norms in Foreign Language Teaching. Brazil; United States; Spain.
Perez-Firmat, Gustavo Modern Spanish American literature; Latino literature; comparative literature. Mexico; Puerto Rico; Cuba.
Pérez-Zapatero, Javier  Gender studies in Spain; translation studies; Spanish and Latin American cinema. Spain.
Rios-Font, Wadda Spanish cultural studies 1800-present; culture of the late Spanish Empire 1808-1898. Spain; Puerto Rico.
Romero,  Diana Teaching and learning techniques of Spanish; interactive and community-based instruction and curriculum; language learning beyond the classroom. Colombia.
Rosales-Varo, Francisco  Spanish as a second language. Granada.
Rozencvaig, Perla Latin American literature and culture; Caribbean literature; literature and society; Spanish for the Medical profession. Caribbean; Cuba; Argentina.
Ruiz Fajardo, Guadalupe  Teaching and learning of Spanish as a new language for immigrant communities; mass media and authentic materials in the language classroom; oral interaction and conversation. Spain; Cuba; Colombia; Peru; Equatorial Guinea; United States.
Ruiz-Campillo, Jose Placido Updating the methods of Spanish grammar teaching to a cognitive-operational focus. Granada.