ILAS Contacts

The Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) is the center for research, teaching and discussion on Latin America at Columbia University. Its main goal is to bring together and provide resources for Columbia faculty, students and visiting scholars, recognizing the diversity of their interests and approaches while strengthening their links with Latin America and with communities of Latin American origin in the United States.

Jose C. Moya


Maritza E. Colón-Fermín

Executive Director

Gustavo Azenha

Associate Research Scholar, Director of Graduate Studies, Director, Center for Brazilian Studies 

Margaret Crahan

Director, Cuba Program

Claudio Lomnitz

Director, Center for Mexican studies

Gabriel Vignoli

Associate Director, Cuba Program

Eliza Kwon-Ahn

Business Manager and Student Affairs Coordinator

Esteban Andrade

Program Manager

Thomas Trebat

Director, Columbia Global Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Daniella Diniz

Program Officer, Global Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Laura von Mutius

ILAS Program Assistant

Sócrates Silva

Latin American Bibliographer

Lucía Caumont-Stipanicic

K-12 Outreach Program - Coordinator

Luis Godoy

Program Assistant - Center for Mexican Studies

Victoria Hernandez

K-12 Outreach Program - Assistant Coordinator

Victoria Gaytan Olaguivel

Program Assistant- Greater Caribbean Studies Center