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Message from the Director


Welcome to the website of the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at Columbia University. Academic programs are a central aspect of our work. We are in the fourth year of our Masters of Arts in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Our students have been able to experience the depth and breadth of offerings on Latin America at Columbia, and have engaged in their own research projects under the supervision of our faculty. A revamped undergraduate major in Latin American and Caribbean Studies continues to attract students from Columbia College and the School of General Studies, and we provide one of the most important regional specializations for graduate students at the University. Government and private grants administered through ILAS continue to support research by faculty and students across Columbia, including Barnard, Teachers College, the Mailman School of Public Health, the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, and the School of Social Work, among others. We organize and host presentations and discussions across many disciplines on Latin American topics, ranging from recent events to advanced scientific and humanistic research, attracting audiences from New York City and beyond. As a national resource center, ILAS also supports and develops K-12 activities that reach thousands of teachers and students.

ILAS and the Center for Latin American Studies at New York University maintain a consortium under the US Department of Education’s Title VI Funds that expand our array of courses, workshops and events. We are the meeting point for distinguished faculty from the United States and abroad. ILAS receives distinguished Brazilian professors through the Ruth Cardoso Chair, a product of our collaboration with the Fulbright Foundation and CAPES in Brazil. Our partnership with CONACYT, Mexico, continues to bring Mexican scholars to work at Columbia in collaboration with our faculty and students. The long-established Tinker Visiting Professorship continues to bring two distinguished Latin Americanists every year. With support of the Christopher Reynolds Foundation and the Open Society Foundation, the Institute hosts Cuban Scholars from the University of Havana to conduct research at Columbia University, and we have signed agreements with CONACYT and the Free University of Berlin.

ILAS, in sum, continues to thrive and work together with the Columbia community, a tradition begun over fifty years ago. Dynamism and intellectual energy characterize the teaching, research and discussion of Latin American topics at our own Tannenbaum Room and in other spaces across campus. I hope this website can help you learn about our work and, perhaps, encourage you to join us in our effort to strengthen our role as the a portal to Latin America at Columbia.

José Moya

Masters Program in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

MA Program