2017-2018 COURSES

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2018 Spring Semester

SPRING 2018 – Graduate Level (Last Update on January 10, 2018)
SPRING 2018 – Undergraduate Level (Last Update on January 10, 2018 )


New Courses in the Spring

  1. NAHU UN1103 (GR5102): Elementray Nahuatl II
  2. NAHU UN2102 (GR5202): Intermediate Nahuatl II
  3. REGN U6621: The Brazilian Political System
  4. REGN U6625: Crime, Cities and Social Control
  5. A&HH 4199: History of Education in Latin America: Nation-Building and Citizenship
  6. POLS GR8453: States, Society and Crime in Latin America
  7. AHIS GU4648: Building Fascisms

 NYU Consortium Courses

Through the New York City Consortium for Latin American Studies (NYC-CLAS), MA students from New York University (NYU) and Columbia University (CU) are allowed to take pre-approved courses each semester.  Please download the CU-NYU Cross Registration Form and follow the procedure to take the courses at NYU.

These are the courses approved for Spring 2018

  1. Government & Politics of Latin America (4 points)
  2. Human Rights in Latin America (4 points)
  3. Democracy, Culture, and Power in Latin American Education (4 points)
  4. Elementary Haitian Kreyol II (4 points)
  5. Intermediate Quechua I (4 points)
  6. Intermediate Quechua II (4 points)

To view/print a detailed list of approved courses, please click the 2018 Spring Consortium Courses

Note: The ILAS-CLACS consortium agreement is only for students at MARSLAC program.  Students at other programs at GSAS are not eligible to register for these courses. Students at other school must consult their school policies

2017 Fall Semester

FALL 2017 – Graduate– Graduate Level (Last Updated on September 6, 2017)
FALL 2017 – Undergraduate – Undergraduate Level (Last Updated on August 24, 2017)

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