Columbia - NYU Consortium

National Resource Center (NRC) for Latin American Studies
Columbia University and New York University

The New York City Consortium for Latin American Studies (NYC-CLAS) combines the extraordinary teaching and research capacities of two of New York City’s leading universities, New York University (NYU) and Columbia University (CU). These dynamic urban universities, with 40,000 and 25,000 students respectively, advance international education through their rich “locational endowment” in the global city of New York, and through institutional commitments to building programs, establishing networks, and educating students across six continents. The Latin American Studies centers of both universities have collaborated since 1988 in a mission to advance knowledge and understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean through competitive degree programs, international research opportunities, nationally-recognized library resources, and outreach programs to K-12, post-secondary institutions, and the public at large. We share a history of close collaboration rooted in shared faculty research interests, complementary academic strengths, ease of student cross-registration, and close proximity. Like the universities in which we are housed, the Centers leverage on behalf of students, faculty, and the public both the resources of its location—a city with a 40% Latin American immigrant population—and of each University’s deep ties to Latin America through global sites (NYU, Buenos Aires), global centers (CU, Santiago and Rio de Janeiro), and a wealth of student exchange programs and faculty research initiatives in every country across the region.

Past NRC funds have been used to support innovative training, coverage of content relating to national need, and training in less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) and in the societies, economies, and states of their regions. We are proud to have been named an NRC again from 2014-2018. Our newly funded project proposes to strengthen our centers’ language and area studies programs through outreach to K-12 and community college educators in partnership with our schools of education. In response to regional demographic changes, we aim to expand our training in LCTLs through the creation of an Indigenous and Diasporic Language Consortium (IDLC) that will bring new language courses to Lehman College and allow students from all three institutions to cross-register for classes. We will also help internationalize curriculum through a partnership with the Borough of Manhattan Community College. Through curriculum workshops with our Schools of Education, we will bring meaningful area studies content to the core and elective training of future teachers. In general, we will strengthen our rigorous internal and external evaluation of scholarly, outreach, and language instructional programs. The Consortium will strengthen its libraries; and more fully coordinate and integrate activities in both universities to make the Consortium a national model of inter-university collaboration in Latin American Studies