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Graduate Students

ILAS offers a Master of Arts in Regional Studies - Latin America and the Caribbean (MARSLAC) through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Graduates of the MARSLAC program have gone on to doctoral programs, NGOs, government service and other exciting venues.  Please see our Alumni page for more information. See our MA students page for testimonials

The Department of History at Columbia University is a world renowned place to study Latin American history. Our award-winning faculty work on a diversity of periods and regions, and their courses and publications engage multiple methodological approaches. Our Department of History is home to a strong community of historians of Latin America, and the Institute of Latin American Studies integrates also visiting professors, research scholars, graduate and undergraduate students interested in history. The New York City Workshop of Latin American History is a space to share research and lively discussions with faculty and students in other universities in the area.

ILAS advises masters and doctoral students from the University’s graduate programs who wish to develop a specialization in Latin America trhoguh the Graduate Regional Certificate.

ILAS provides funding for research and internships.  Field research represents a vital dimension of study for graduate students. For doctoral students, preliminary field research is essential in elaborating dissertation proposals on contemporary Latin America. For the range of Master’s candidates at the university, field research provides both first-hand experience and on the ground insight into the kinds of professional challenges they will confront in the future. Early field experience strongly influences students’ future academic choices and professional careers and also enhances the overall quality of the intellectual communities formed by the Institute. Funding for internships continues to strengthen the program’s relationships with affiliated departments by facilitating and encouraging student development.