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Working Papers

The working papers below are written by graduate students in the seminar on "Political, Social, and Economic Development of Brazil I and II (INAFU4409 and INAFU4410)" taught by Sidney N. Nakahodo.

Spring 2014

Almeida, Guilherme Alberto: Policy Paper Breaching the information divide on public security issues.

Begaj, Heriselda: The Road to Sustainable Income for Brazil’s Poor

Bellatoni, Michael Joseph: Argentina Slips. Will Brazil Stumble?

Bento de Faria, Flavia: Promoting Social Entrepreneurship in Brazil

Berger, Ryan: Brazil’s Emerging Role in Sub-Saharan Africa

*Boehr, Rachel: Beyond the Games: Analyzing the Social and Economic Impacts of Brazil’s Mega-events

Cezar de Andrade, Clara: Big Data: How Rio de Janeiro is Setting the Example for City Management Technology

Crosby, Camilla: South-South cooperation and the advent of the Mariel Paradigm: The Mariel Port and  the Medical, Infrastructural and Market-based Lessons to be Developed From Brazil-Cuba Collaboration

*Grinevald, David: Brazilian Foreign Policymaking: Inputs, Approaches and Issues.

Groves, Laura: Integrating Historic Preservation with Housing Efforts:an exploration of its history and potential

Lemaron, Joe: Favela Positiva

Mayen, Carolina: Is the Family Health Program what Brazil needs?

Natenzon, Samanta Maria: Brazil: the global investment opportunity

Pocasangre, Oscar M.: Corruption and Education in Brazil

Scott Jr., Anthony: Development without Displacement: Maintaining Low-Income Housing Stock in Vidigal

Smith, Da’Quallon: Race in another America: The Decision to shoot in the United States and Brazil

Tam, Noelle: Improving urban interventions in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro

Watson, Trae: The New Brazil: Voice of Latin America, Emerging Super Power or Regional Misfit?

Wilkinson, Julia: Equity Crowdfunding in Brazil: Innovation in Financing for SMEs

Wolsky, Adam: Negotiating a European Union-Mercosur Trade Agreement: A Light at the End of the Tunnel?

*Students registered for individual research

Fall 2013

Almeida, Guilherme: Democracy 3.0 – Moving towards a digital citizenship agenda and to more accountable practices as a response to diffuse social demands

Amenabar, Ines: Unidade de Policia Pacificadora Regaining Security for Rio's Favela Residents

Belazis, Thomas: Fueling Brazil's Agribusiness Industry to Tackle Global Food Security

Bento de Faria, Flavia: Extending the Bolsa Familia CCT Benefits

Bradshaw, Amanda: Flooding and Planning for Climate Change in Sao Paulo 

Carducci, Giuliana: Demographic Dividend, where does Brazil stand and what are the challenges ahead?

Crosby, Camilla: Into the REDD and out of the red: capitalizing on climate change

Ju, Yi: Review of the Difficult Partnership between China and Brazil from 1988 to Present

Martinez-Cantu, Diego: Public Transportation in Sao Paulo: Where to Go?

Mayen, Carolina: The Struggle for an Excellent Health System

Pocasangre, Oscar: Policy Note: Fixiing the Brazilian Labor Market

Tam, Noelle: Infrastructual Concession in Brazil - Paving the Road to Growth

Wall, Sarah Elizabeth: Programa de Financiamento as Exportacoes: An Analysis of Brazil's PROEX Export Financing Program

Watson, Trae: Mega Sporting Events Pressure Brazil Into Clean Up favelas

White, Kendra: Quality Matters: Public Private Partnership as a means to improve Education

Wolsky, A: The Brazilian Protest Movement of 2013: Is This the End of Brazilian Acceptance of Politicians who Roubam Mas Faz?

Spring 2013

Boehr, Rachel: Preparations for the 2014 World Cup and Beyond

Hongxiang, Huang: Disclosure of Social and Environmental Risks Strategically Manage the Chinese Extractive Investment in Brazil

Jenkins, Brittany: Correcting Prejudice in Brazilian Legal Discourse

Lima, Maya: Brazilian and Mozambican Relations: The Double Edged Sword of Development

Maffai, Thomas:  Cracking Down on the Crack Cocaine ‘Epidemic’ in Brazil

Smith, Talia: Implications of Pre-Salt Petroleum Policy on Development in Brazil