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Working Papers

The working papers below are written by graduate students in the seminar on "Political, Social, and Economic Development of Brazil" (INAFU4409) taught by Sidney N. Nakahodo.

Fall 2013

Almeida, Guilherme: Democracy 3.0 – Moving towards a digital citizenship agenda and to more accountable practices as a response to diffuse social demands

Amenabar, Ines: Unidade de Policia Pacificadora Regaining Security for Rio's Favela Residents

Belazis, Thomas: Fueling Brazil's Agribusiness Industry to Tackle Global Food Security

Bento de Faria, Flavia: Extending the Bolsa Familia CCT Benefits

Bradshaw, Amanda: Flooding and Planning for Climate Change in Sao Paulo 

Carducci, Giuliana: Demographic Dividend, where does Brazil stand and what are the challenges ahead?

Crosby, Camilla: Into the REDD and out of the red: capitalizing on climate change

Ju, Yi: Review of the Difficult Partnership between China and Brazil from 1988 to Present

Martinez-Cantu, Diego: Public Transportation in Sao Paulo: Where to Go?

Mayen, Carolina: The Struggle for an Excellent Health System

Pocasangre, Oscar: Policy Note: Fixiing the Brazilian Labor Market

Tam, Noelle: Infrastructual Concession in Brazil - Paving the Road to Growth

Wall, Sarah Elizabeth: Programa de Financiamento as Exportacoes: An Analysis of Brazil's PROEX Export Financing Program

Watson, Trae: Mega Sporting Events Pressure Brazil Into Clean Up favelas

White, Kendra: Quality Matters: Public Private Partnership as a means to improve Education

Wolsky, A: The Brazilian Protest Movement of 2013: Is This the End of Brazilian Acceptance of Politicians who Roubam Mas Faz?

Spring 2013

Boehr, Rachel: Preparations for the 2014 World Cup and Beyond

Hongxiang, Huang: Disclosure of Social and Environmental Risks Strategically Manage the Chinese Extractive Investment in Brazil

Jenkins, Brittany: Correcting Prejudice in Brazilian Legal Discourse

Lima, Maya: Brazilian and Mozambican Relations: The Double Edged Sword of Development

Maffai, Thomas:  Cracking Down on the Crack Cocaine ‘Epidemic’ in Brazil

Smith, Talia: Implications of Pre-Salt Petroleum Policy on Development in Brazil