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Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies

Established in 2001, the Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies was created to offer a place for scholars and students to pursue and share research and scholarship on Brazil. In carrying out its academic mission, the Center stimulates new research and debate on Brazil. The Center is committed to training future leaders for careers in research, government, and the private sector related to Brazil. Serving as the key focal point for all students and faculty at Columbia with interest in Brazil, the Center’s largest constituencies include those affiliated with Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs and from the numerous academic units of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

    • Public lectures & events: The Center’s rich programming includes sponsored seminars and lectures on contemporary and historical aspects of Brazil, including culture, economics, and politics. The Center serves as a regular forum for lectures and conferences by visiting Brazilian academics, government officials, business leaders, politicians, and representatives of civil society. Past guests have included renowned economist Edmar Bacha, former Central Bank Presidents Arminio Fraga and Henrique Meirelles, Ambassadors Antonio Patriota and Alfredo Graça Lima, and Brazilianist scholars Werner Baer and Riordan Roett.
    • Courses: In addition to public programming, the Center organizes courses focused on Brazil, including courses on the economic and political development of Brazil, as well as a variety of other topics.
    • Visiting scholars: The Center’s Ruth Cardoso Visiting Faculty program brings leading Brazilian scholars to the campus for one or two semester residencies during which they conduct collaborative research and teach courses at the Center in their area of specialization. Through its Visiting Scholars and Professional Fellows programs, the Center offers Brazilian academic and policy experts the opportunity to be in residence on the Columbia campus and to interact with members of the Columbia faculty with expertise on Brazil and Latin America. The Center also provides a place for rising young Brazilian scholars to spend up to a year at Columbia while conducting their own research.
    • Research: The Center also helps to promote collaborations between the Columbia community and Brazilian scholars and institutions, working closely with the Columbia University Global Center Rio de Janeiro. The Lemann Center for Brazilian studies provides support for Columbia faculty research with a focus on Brazil, as well as engages in original research. The Center, for example, has recently published a report on “Mobile Learning in Brazil”, which examines policies and initiatives for the integration of information and communication technologies in public schools throughout Brazil. For additional information about the study and to download the complete report, click here, and watch this video (in Portuguese).
    • Student funding: The Center also provides travel grant opportunities for students to engage in research and internships in Brazil (click here for additional information on funding opportunities for students).
    • Lemann Fellowships Program​: The Lemann Fellowship program aims to contribute accelerating positive social change in Brazil through providing financial assistance to master’s students with commitment to addressing crucial development challenges facing Brazil such as public health and education. The program aims to support the education of students committed to building a stronger, more effective public sector, strengthening corporate social responsibility, and contributing in other innovative ways to cultivate positive social change and economic development in Brazil. The Fellowships are made possible through the generosity of Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann and the Fundação Lemann (Lemann Foundation). For additional information ​about the Fellowship please click here.

The Lemann Center for Brazilian Studies and its initiatives are made possible by the generosity of our donors, and is especially grateful to Brazilian entrepreneur Jorge Paulo Lemann and the Lemann Foundation for their dedication and support for Brazilian studies at Columbia University.


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