Read more…Ojos Propios can be translated as “through their own eyes.” This very special photographic project was created by Peruvian artist Andrés Longhi. The photographs were taken by Peruvians from a variety of origins and ages but made possible by his vision of  “photography by and of the people.” He has provided cameras and instruction on the technical and artistic components of photography to children and adults in rural communities and poor neighborhoods across the country so they can document their experiences “through their own eyes” to create the Self Portrait of a Nation, as the title of the project indicates. The result is a participatory process where people learn from each other in an egalitarian arrangement and where photography becomes both personal expression and collective action. The sheer beauty and candor of the images validates Longhi’s democratic vision of art-making.

Andrés Longhi and his team were in residence at the Institute of Latin American Studies exhibiting a selection of their work and conducting an Ojos Propios workshop at the Columbia Secondary School MSE-M362 during the first half of November.

For a digital view of the Peru and New York photographic collection, click here.

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