Gustavo Azenha received a Ph.D. from Cornell University,with an interdisciplinary background in the natural and social sciences (sociocultural anthropology). Gustavo’s expertise centers on the role of civil society in policy processes in Latin America, including environmental, health, and technology policies and the links between these and socioeconomic issues. His academic and professional projects have been fairly diverse: He has conducted ethnobotanical research with indigenous groups in the Venezuelan Amazon. His dissertation focused on the political ecology of sustainable development in Brazil, through research on the conflicts between indigenous/traditional resource use, environmental conservation, and economic development (i.e., tourism and agribusiness). He subsequently conducted postdoctoral research on globalization and new technologies, with a specific emphasis on “digital inclusion” policies and programs in Brazil. In addition, he has years of applied experience in international public health, including advocacy, policy analysis, research, and NGO capacity building in Brazil and Latin America. Prior to joining ILAS, Gustavo has been a recipient of graduate and postdoctoral fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF), and has held positions as a postdoctoral fellow at Barnard College’s Department of Anthropology and as an Assistant Professor in the Anthropology program at SUNY Purchase College. His current research efforts center on: 1) the interrelations between media, social movements, and citizenship in Brazil; 2) the role and impact of new technologies in education and health in Brazil; and 3) the interrelations between resource use, nutritional/health, and economic development in Brazil.