Student Initiatives

Brazilian Society (BRS)

BRS is the official undergraduate student organization at Columbia University for all things related to Brazil. BRS aims to promote a community of students with an interest in Brazil and to foster engagement with Brazilian culture, society, and scholarship on Columbia’s campus and beyond. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Coalition of Latinx Scholars (CLS) at Teachers College

Members of the CLS promote awareness and knowledge of academic, social, political, and cultural issues that concern the Latinx community at Teachers College and beyond. They engage in efforts to further an equitable, diverse, just, and progressive education for all, while promoting Pan-Latinx Unity, Community Engagement, and Scholarship since 2001.  The CLS fosters a supportive community of Latinx students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni at Teachers College. You may contact them at [email protected] and you can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

Latin America Business Association (LABA) at the Business School 

LABA’s plan is to promote the culture and businesses of Latin America at Columbia’s Business School. They organize an annual conference and support students who want to work in Latin America by contacting and promoting companies from the region as well as latinos that want to work in the US. But they don't forget their fun side! LABA celebrates two LABA parties a year (approximately 300-400 attendees) and two LABAsados, where they share their passion for partying, dancing, and eating.

Latin American Student Association (LASA) at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) 

LASA is a group of graduate students interested in analyzing current economic, political and social issues in the region, promoting its culture and enhancing opportunities for future cooperation. The members of LASA are future leaders who attend SIPA. The association is aimed at fostering constant interaction with academic, private and public organizations interested in Latin American and Latin@ affairs. Their mission is to provide a platform for discussion and collaboration regarding national, regional and international public affairs issues of Latin American, and share the broad and diverse various cultural expressions that represent the region. You can follow them on Instagram.

Mexican Students Association (MEXSA)

MEXSA is a student-run organization dedicated to support and foster the community of students, professors, and researchers of Columbia University that share our passion for Mexico. They not only strive to unite the Mexican student community on campus, but also aim to celebrate Mexico’s rich culture, millennial heritage, and sociopolitical complexity. It is their ultimate goal to develop a stronger network that promotes the appreciation and understanding of the Mexican culture, as well as a platform that enhances our academic, professional, and personal journey. They are committed to developing events that best represent the diverse interests of Columbia students. They look forward to welcoming you as part of the MEXSA community!