Upcoming Events

Sep 18, 2014 8:00 AM, International Affairs Building Room 1501, 420 West 118th St.

Mexico’s Education System in the 21st Century

Mexico has recently introduced major legal reforms in the realm of educational governance, but their practical implications for educational quality and equity are still unclear, and very much a subject of debate. The central aim of this symposium is to bring together a diverse group of education experts, intellectual leaders and young scholars in order to identify and discuss the current state of affairs, and the ends that could help guide Mexico’s educational system in the face of major transformations in areas as diverse as demography, labor markets, citizenship and technology. In addition to broadening and deepening the conversation about educational reform, the symposium seeks to promote a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the country is likely to face in its attempt to fashion an equitable, high quality, and effective educational system.

Sep 19, 2014 10:59 AM, International Affairs Building Room 802, 420 West 118th St.

New York City Latin American History Workshop

Sep 22, 2014 4:30 PM, International Affairs Building Room 802, 420 West 118th St.

Mexican Mondays

September 22nd: Lucía Pulido and Leopoldo Novoa, “Cruce de caminos, historias comunes de la identidad latinoamerica”

September 29th: Marcela Rodríguez, “Mujeres inconvenientes. Tres opéras: La Sunamita, Las Mujeres de Séneca y Frida Kahlo”

October 2nd: Caterina Pizzigoni, "In the Church and at Home: Approaches to Saints in Early Latin America”, Americas South Seminar. Event in 457 Schemerhorn Ext, 12pm.

October 13th: Francisco Valdés Ugalde, “Reformas constitucionales y cambio institucional en México. 2011-2014”

October 27th: Carmen Boullosa, “Defensa imaginaria de una Texas imaginada”

November 3th: Soledad Loaeza, “The Cuban Revolution and the Failed Rehabilitation of the Mexican Revolution”

November 17th: Julia Preston, “Mexican Immigrant Activism in the Immigration Debate”

Sep 23, 2014 12:30 PM, International Affairs Building Room 802, 420 West 118th St.

Roundtable Discussion on the 2014 Brazilian Presidential Elections

This year’s Brazilian presidential election has been a highly contested political battle with high stakes. Slowed economic growth, creeping inflation, corruption scandals across the political spectrum, the increasingly vocalized impatience of ordinary citizens with politics as usual, polarizing interpretations of the impacts of social programs, and other salient issues have created a very divisive political landscape. With the unexpected death of presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, this landscape became even more complex and unpredictable, with a rapidly evolving election scenario that has vital implications for Brazil and the region´s future.  This roundtable convenes leading experts on Brazilian and Latin American politics and economics for a discussion of the stakes, potential outcomes, and implications of the elections for Brazil´s economic development and governance.

Moderator: Maria Victoria Murillo (Professor of Political Science & SIPA, Columbia University)


  • Taylor Boas (Assistant Professor of Political Science, Boston University)
  • Albert Fishlow (Professor Emeritus SIPA, Columbia University)
  • Marcelo Ridenti (Professor of Sociology, UNICAMP)
  • José A. Scheinkman (Professor of Economics, Columbia University)
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