Student Research Highlights

On this page, we will highlight research undertaken by undergraduate students at Columbia University, under the supervision and guidance of a faculty member. 

The Venezuelan Migration Crisis in a Time of COVID-19

By: Astrid Liden

Faculty Supervisor: Jose Moya

Growing concerns over the rise of Coronavirus in Latin America and the region’s new status as the “epicenter” of the pandemic has increased fears over the spread of the virus. Brazil leads Latin America with the highest number of COVID-19 cases with over 3.7 million confirmed infections, with Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Chile as the other hardest-hit countries in the region.

As the pandemic continues to dominate life in Latin America, millions of Venezuelan migrants are particularly hard hit and often find themselves trapped during this time of crisis. The majority of the Venezuelan migrant population is now living precisely in the countries where COVID-19 cases have soared: Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Brazil.

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