Education Programs

The Institute of Latin American Studies at Columbia University offers resources and research on education, both to K-12 teachers and educators in New York City, and to education policy experts and researchers. To find out more about our resources, please click on the options below:

The picture shows a cobbled stone wall with painted stones in multiple different colors.

The ILAS K-12 Outreach Program strives to enhance the professional capacity of teachers in New York City's multicultural environment and promote the inclusion of Latin American history and culture into students's classrooms and daily lives. Drawing on the expertise and support of faculty and students across Columbia, the program offers educators resources and opportunities to learn about creative ways of incorporating Latin American history and culture into their curricula.

The picture shows a Teachers College conference with four speakers at a table and a full audience in an auditorium.

 ILAS' education policy events and resources focus on providing education policy makers and experts with opportunities to exchange views on ongoing policy issues and topics throughout the Americas, as well as original research material. Events are organized in partnership with the Latinx and Latin American Faculty Working Group, while research material is produced by the Latin America Collaborative Project Team at the Department of International and Transcultural Studies, both at Teachers College, Columbia University.