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Americas Dialogue on Education Policy (ADEP)

The Americas Dialogue on Education Policy (ADEP) is a program created in 2018 by the Institute of Latin American Studies (ILAS) at Columbia University, and organized in partnership with the Latinx and Latin American Faculty Working Group at Teachers College, Columbia University. ADEP's main objective is to foster communication between countries of the Americas on Latin American education policy.

The first edition of ADEP took place in 2019. To explore ADEP and its outcome, please click on the years below:

ADEP Activities

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To watch again "Women Leaders in Higher Education: Policy, Funding and Academic Priorities", please click here.

To watch again "Latin American Higher Education: A Space for Women's Participation, Equity, and Social Reaffirmation", please click here.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ADEP did not meet in 2020.

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In October 2019, ADEP organized its first event: South-North Dialogue: Contemporary Education Policy in Latin America, where nine experts from the continent –among whom three US scholars– traveled to New York City to discuss the topic from different perspectives.

To read about the outcomes of ADEP 2019, visit:

ADEP Book and Paper Talk Series

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