Specialization and Certificate in Latin American Studies

ILAS offers a Certificate in Latin American Studies to graduate students who complete an interdisciplinary program in conjunction with their own departmental degrees. Requirements are as follows:

  1. 24 points of credit (8 courses) taken from among the courses listed by the Institute in anthropology, art history, economics, education, history, literature, political science, law, and urban planning. Students must select courses from four different departments or schools. One of these courses must be in advanced language or literature.
  2. Completion of all requirements for an advanced degree.
  3. A reading knowledge of both Spanish and Portuguese, plus demonstrated ability to write and speak one of these languages. Students are expected to pass at least one language examination by the end of their first year and another by the end of their second year. No course credit toward the certificate is given for introductory or intermediate language study.


Download the Latin America Regional Certificate form.

For more information, contact Senior Manager of Business and Student Affairs Eliza Kwon-Ahn.