Greater Caribbean Studies Center

Greater Caribbean Studies Center

The creation of a center for the study of the Greater Caribbean within the Institute of Latin American Studies is a welcomed initiative in many ways, and New York could not be a more appropriate site for the endeavor. The city has been closely linked to the region from its Dutch origins to the present, where one third of its inhabitants are of Caribbean birth or origin.

Unlike most other centers of Caribbean Studies in the United States, which limit their scope to the Antilles, this one encompasses, as its name indicates, the entire Caribbean basin. After all, the Atlantic coast of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, much of Central America, and even parts of Mexico and places like New Orleans, share with the Antilles not only geography, climate, and ecology, but also a historical trajectory and cultural traditions that range from architecture and cooking to popular humor and West African drums. Yet the region is also one of great linguistic, racial, and socioeconomic diversity and the center's wide scope enables it to address this diversity in a comparative manner that connects the study of Latin America to that of the non-Spanish West Indies, transcending thus the traditional limits of area studies.

Our Programming

Greater Caribbean Brown Bags

Enjoy your lunch while listening to leading scholars, journalists, artists, and public figures participate in a seminar-style discussion.

Leaders of the Caribbean

Our annual keynote forum provides an academic space for debate on Greater Caribbean art, politics, economy, and society.

Annual Conferences

The center hosts annual international conferences.

Our Team

A man wearing a dark sweater and blazer smiles slightly into the camera.
Jose C. Moya

Director, Greater Caribbean Studies Center;
Professor of History, Barnard College

A man, Esteban Andrade, wearing a cardigan smiles slightly into the camera.
Esteban Andrade

Program and Outreach Manager

Affiliated Faculty

John H. Coatsworth
John H. Coatsworth

John Mitchell Mason Professor of the University, School of International and Public Affairs; Provost Emeritus

Maja Horn
Maja Horn

Associate Professor, Spanish and Latin American Cultures, Barnard College

Frances Negron-Muntaner
Frances Negron-Muntaner

Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Department of English and Comparative Literature

Chris Washburne
Chris Washburne

Associate Professor of Music, Department of Music

Support the Center

The Great Caribbean Studies Center would like to thank its patrons Herman Sifontes and Ernesto Rangel for their generosity and support.