Romina Quezada

Romina Quezada is the Program and Outreach manager at the Institute of Latin American Studies. She manages faculty affairs, public programming, outreach, and communications initiatives for ILAS and its affiliated Centers and programs.  Originally from Mexico, Romina holds a PhD in International and Comparative Education from Teachers College. She has conducted research on education policy in Latin America and its interaction with the global and the local. Her lines of work have included: public diplomacy toward Indigenous peoples, Indigenous peoples in global education, human rights education, and comparative national education systems. Over the past few years, Romina was Rapporteur of the Indigenous Studies Seminar and assisted the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Program Director at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University in teaching and administration. At ILAS, Romina has previously coordinated the K-12 Outreach Program (2018-2022) and the Americas Dialogue on Education Policy (2019-2023). Romina has written reports for international NGOs and organizations, and published scholarly work within and outside Latin America. Alongside academia and education, Romina has worked in diplomacy; she is also a polyglot and active language professional.