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A Vital Resource to Graduate Students

ILAS serves as a vital resource to graduate students throughout the University.

ILAS offers a Master of Arts in Regional Studies—Latin America and the Caribbean (MARSLAC), a Specialization in Latin American Studies for master's students in international and public affairs, and a Certificate in Latin American Studies for master's and PhD students, providing opportunities for highly interdisciplinary education.

Besides students pursuing degrees, specializations, or certificates through ILAS, the institute creates opportunities for academic and professional enrichment to a much wider group of graduate students through its public programming, student grants, and other initiatives. The institute provides grant funding opportunities for graduate students to conduct research in the region or pursue internships, helping them deepen their knowledge of Latin America and the Caribbean, while developing their professional and research skills and networks.

In addition to supporting graduate students through research grants, ILAS established a new PhD Student Workshop in the 2019-2020 academic year; this interdisciplinary workshop aims to foster connections across campus, encourage networking outside of the confines of individual departments, and stimulate interdisciplinary thinking about the region. Workshop participants include students in the social sciences, humanities, education, and natural sciences.

Master of Arts in Regional Studies 

The Master of Arts in Regional Studies—Latin America and the Caribbean (MARSLAC) provides a broad social science-based approach to modern and contemporary Latin America and the Caribbean. Students deepen their knowledge of the political, economic, social, and cultural processes shaping the region. The program uniquely combines an interdisciplinary core set of courses with ample flexibility to allow students to develop a custom-tailored area of study.


Specialization and Certificate in Latin American Studies

ILAS offers a Certificate in Latin American Studies to graduate students who complete an interdisciplinary program in conjunction with their own departmental degrees.


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Funding Opportunities for Students

The Institute of Latin American Studies at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is privileged to receive funding from the Lemann Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education, the Tannenbaum Fund, and other sources to provide grants, scholarships, and fellowships to Columbia students.