Funding Opportunities for Columbia Faculty

With support from the U.S. Department of Education Title VI program, the Institute of Latin American Studies awards grants to full-time faculty every year for research and other academic activities.

The Institute of Latin American Studies is pleased to announce its annual faculty grants competition for academic year 2020-2021 (July 1, 2020 through June 1, 2021). Full-time members of the Columbia teaching or research faculty may apply to any of the following grants: 

  • Individual Faculty Research and Travel Grant
    Small research grants can be used at any time during the year for data-gathering, books and materials, or other expenses that will facilitate faculty research on Latin America and the Caribbean.  These funds cannot be used for purchasing equipment, such as computers. Awards will be made for faculty travel to any country of Latin America and the Caribbean (or elsewhere when relevant to research on Latin America) to carry out research. Maximum award is $3,000
  • Faculty Research Conference Grant
    Grants will be made for conferences that promote a broad scholarly impact. Faculty may apply for funding to cover such customary conference costs as honoraria and travel costs for outside speakers, room rentals, brochures, and conference materials. Priority in the awarding of conference funds will be accorded to: applications that promise to result in significant publications; applications that contemplate or involve the region as a whole or multiple countries within the region; and especially projects that are multidisciplinary and involve faculty and graduate students from different units at Columbia. Cost-sharing and co-sponsorship is encouraged. Maximum award is $25,000
  • Faculty Working Groups and Seminar Series Grant
    Grants will made for faculty working groups or seminar series that will draw together faculty from various disciplines to explore topics and themes of importance to Latin America. Awards may cover the cost of speakers, materials, and meeting costs. Priority will be given to proposals that involve collaboration with colleagues from New York University, our NRC consortium partner. Maximum award is $10,000

The application deadline is Sunday, March15, 2020.  Awards will be announced by the beginning of May 2020.