Past Event

Activism and Culture in Latin American Feminisms

March 18, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Online Event

From social sciences to philosophy, arts, economy, and literature, one of the most powerful forms of political activism in Latin America comes from the new Feminisms. Movements like Mujeres Creando and #Niunamenos created new forms of citizen participation as well as new discourses to talk about violence, gender, inequality, racisms. This panel aims to bring together thinkers, artists, and activists to discuss their activism and share their strategies in pandemic times.


  • Verónica Gago (Universidad de Buenos Aires/UNSAM, Argentina)
  • María Galindo (Mujeres Creando, Bolivia)
  • Luciana Cadahia (Universidad Católica de Chile/Colombia)
  • Alejandra Castillo (Universidad Metropolitana, Chile).


  • Graciela Montaldo (Columbia University)

The event will be in Spanish. To register, click here

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