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The ancestral territory against environmental Racism in Brazil

September 29, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Amefrican Connections 

1th Amefrican Dialogue colloquium and 4th Brazil-Peru meeting: Black women, decoloniality, and activism in Latin America

The leadership of Black women plays a central role in the construct of life in Latin America. Despite racism, patriarchy and classism, Black women in the continent have created alternative paths to liberate themselves, their families, and communities. Through different platforms such as activism, intellectual scholarship, religion, and culture, Black women in the diaspora claimed their full existence as human beings in a global and transdisciplinary process. 

The Brazil-Peru meeting was created in 2012, aiming to expand the access of knowledge about Peru to a Brazilian audience.  In our 4th edition, we expand beyond borders and embrace "amefricanity" as political act today. The 1th Amefrican Dialogue colloquium and 4th Brazil-Peru meeting challenge national borders, shedding light to Black women activism as global practice of solidarity towards liberation. Thus, we will deepen the idea of decolonization of the Latin American studies from the Black women perspectives. 


The ancestral territory against environmental racism in Brazil 

Sept. 29th, 6:30 - 8:00pm

The panel will discuss leadership of Black women in claiming territorial rights, and their work as community organizers against environmental racism in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

  • Emilia Maria de Souza - vice-president of Associação de Moradores do Horto (AMAHOR), Horto Community
  • Fátima Amorim - community organizer from Estradinha community. 
  • Carolina Pires Câmara - PhD candidate in Sociology and Law (Universidade Federal Fluminense). Activist-researcher in both communities. 

Moderator -  Ronilso Pacheco - M.A’s candidate at the Union Theological Seminary,  Columbia University. Professor and Activist in Human Rights, Anti-racism and Religious Freedom struggles. 



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