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The Biden Administration & Brazil: a conversation with the US Network For Democracy in Brazil

March 13, 2021
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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In 2021, Brazil Talk inaugurates a brand new format of events, in which urgent topics about Brazil's global positioning will be addressed by leading scholars and practitioners, to a hand-picked audience.

Brazil Talk believes that the current social, political and economic crises in Brazil demand a more careful strategy in the policymaking processes of other global actors, such as the United States and multilateral institutions. In a policy paper addressed to the White House, the US Network for Democracy in Brazil provides a fundamental step in that direction, and the whole international community would benefit a lot from delving into its insights.

In the conversation, we will also take the opportunity of debating the “Recommendations on Brazil to President Biden and the News Administration" paper to hear more about the US Network for Democracy in Brazil, its agenda, its trajectory, as well as its challenges and opportunities.

The event will take place through Zoom. To access, click here. 

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