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Bodies, Aesthetics, and Education in Latin America

May 22, 2023
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Teachers College Columbia University, 525 W. 120 St., New York, NY 10027

Bodies, Aesthetics, and Education in Latin America

Archives, Callings, Constraints, and New Directions

You are invited to participate in our free and in-person event, where we will explore the intersections between education, bodies, and aesthetics, and investigate the new and changing directions across a Latin American landscape in conversation with the United States.

This event will also provide an opportunity to reflect on the educational social movements that have had a resurgence in Latin America in the last few decades. We will explore topics such as what it means to be educated and what role education plays in racist, classist, and patriarchal regimes, where we will seek to question our own roles within our contexts.

With these goals in mind, we will leave behind traditional paper presentations in favor of collective, interactive, and interdisciplinary conversations between academics, educators, artists, and social activists.

This event will involve 10 roundtable discussions, where each conversation will be guided by, but not limited to, discussing a specific theme and a set of open-ended questions provided by the table leader.

Table Topics: 

  1. Affect theory and theories of emotion in the educational field: Challenges, contributions, and controversies

  2. Aesthetics, Bodies, and Education

  3. Aesthetics and educational strategies: Resistance, liberation, and anti-racism

  4. The silent ways of educating: architecture, adornments, and artifacts in schooling

  5. Aesthetic dimensions of schooling

  6. Sensibilities and education

  7. Racialized bodies, aesthetics, and subjectivities in school

  8. Images, bodies, and spaces in schools

  9. Thinking about the role of archives in education

  10. Pop culture, school aesthetics, and imagination

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