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Feminist Anthropologies in Mexico

February 18, 2022
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Feminist Anthropologies in Mexico: Epistemologies, Ethics, Practices, and Diverse Looks is a collective effort that embodies a powerful conversation between anthropologists from various institutions, regions, and generations. 

This book presentation and roundtable will discuss epistemological models that emerged in the 80s and methodological approaches, such as collaborative dialogues. Personal trajectories and issues approached from a feminist perspective are presented, which account for the persistence of patriarchal culture and structural violence that harms women's rights and other diverse subjects. In addition, the book shows expressions of agency, political activism, civil society organizations, indigenous, Afro-descendant, peasant, and LGBTQ+ women's movements—among others—showing us the validity of feminism as one of the most significant theoretical-political currents of this millennium. The work is a contribution to current debates and dialogue within and outside the anthropological sciences.



  • Lourdes Arizpe, Professor of Anthropology at the UNAM & former Chair of the UNRISD Boar
  • Korinta Maldonado Goti, Professor at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • Mary Goldsmith, Professor at the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico (UAM)
  • Suzanne Hanchett, Feminist anthropologist & founder of the International Women's Anthropology Conference (IWAC)
  • Brigittine French, Professor of Anthropology and Chair of Linguistics at Grinnell Colleg
  • Marisa Ruiz Trejo, ILAS Edmundo O'Gorman Fellow, Columbia University & Professor at the UNACH
  • Monserrat Salas, Researcher at the INCMNSZ
  • Nara Milanich, Professor of History at Barnard & Director of CeMeCA, Columbia University 


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