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Legal Abortion: The Struggle in Argentina and Colombia

October 25, 2022
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Legal Abortion: The Struggle in Argentina and Colombia

October 25, 1-4 PM EST

Sponsors: Global Cultural Studies, Institute for Study of Sex and Gender, Institute for Latin American Studies, Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Theory, Columbia Global Centers for Santiago, Chile, Columbia Global Centers for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Center for Gender and Sexuality Law


1-1:10 PM: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Welcoming Remarks


1:10-1:15 PM: Jack Halberstam, Director, Institute for Study of Sex and Gender (ISSG), introduces Elsa Schvartzman


1:15-1:35 PM: National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe, and Free Abortion in Argentina: History of a Struggle Never Abandoned - Elsa Schvartzman


1:35-1:40 PM: Halberstam introduces María Alicia Gutiérrez 


1:40-2 PM: #ItWillBeLaw: Debate, Legislation, and implementation of Law 27610, of the Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy - María Alicia Gutiérrez 


2-2:05 PM: Halberstam introduces Elizabeth Giraldo


2:05-2:25 PM: Political struggle and legal struggle in the decriminalization of abortion in Colombia


2:25-2:30 PM: Halberstam introduces Paola Bergallo


2:30-2:50 PM: Abortion, Law, and Democracy: A view from Argentina


2:50-3 PM: Carol Sanger, Barbara Aronstein Black Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. Carol Sanger asks the opening question and conducts the discussion.


3-4 PM: Town hall guided by Nara Milanich (History, Barnard) and Victoria Murillo (Director, Institute for Latin American Studies)



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