Past Event

Migrations & Migrants: Cubans and Haitians in Mexico

January 25, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Online Event

Migration has been a critical issue historically in the United States going back to the nineteenth century. Currently, it is a major factor in polarization throughout the country. Debate is intense. This webinar will look specifically at the condition of Cubans and Haitians in Mexico and their efforts to achieve physical, legal, and socioeconomic security, as well as entry into the US. The speakers have decades of experience in dealing not only with the issues, but also the individuals involved in Mexico and in the US. This webinar will analyze the current situation and possible developments.


ADAM ISACSON, Director of Defense Oversight, Washington Office on Latin America

NICOLE PHILLIPS, Legal Director, Haitian Bridge Alliance

DANIELLA BURGI-PALOMINO, Co-Director, The Latin America Working Group

URSELA OJEDA, Senior Policy Advisor, Migrant Women’s Refugee Commission

MODERATOR: NARA MILANICH, Director, Center for Mexico & Central America, ILAS, Barnard College


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