Paths of Desperate Hope, Photographs by Federico Rios Escobar

Paths of Desperate Hope is an ongoing exhibition curated by Carlota Ortiz Monasterio and designed by Alejandra Avalos Guerrero. It features a selection of nearly 60 photographs taken by Colombian photojournalist Federico Rios during his years chronicling displacement in the region. 

The exhibition is taking place in the lobby of the fourth floor in the International Affairs Building at the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) through the rest of the semester of Spring 2023. 

The exhibition brings together six different flows of migration placed on different panels around the building. With this exhibit, Federico aims to leave a memory in the eyes of the spectators. 

Click here for the video that presents a glimpse of the exhibition introduced by Carlota and Federico. 

Sofia Covarrubias
May 09, 2023