Eliza Kwon-Ahn

Eliza Kwon-Ahn joined ILAS in June of 2003 as an administrator. Over the years, she has garnered a number of promotions and is currently the senior manager of business and student affairs. She administers the financial aspects of the Institute and is the contact person for all student-related matters. Eliza’s experience prior to helping manage the administration of ILAS included being a sales and marketing manager for Latin America at a multinational company and working as a project research assistant for the Brazil: Body and Soul exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum.

Eliza holds a BA in East Asian Languages and Area Studies, Spanish, and Portuguese from Rutgers University. As a Henry Rutgers Scholar, she conducted graduate-level research on her senior thesis, Koreans in Brazil: A Cultural Study of Life Between Two Cultures. She also earned an MA in Latin American and Caribbean studies and an advanced certificate in museum studies from New York University. Eliza’s research interest in Latin America is focused on Brazil, specifically arts and cultures, immigration and cultural assimilation, national identity, and social and education development.