Past Event

ILAS Travel Grant Research Presentation

October 27, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
International Affairs Building, 420 W. 118 St., New York, NY 10027 802

2023 ILAS Research Travel Grant Recipients


  • Jake Barrett, PhD Candidate in History
    • Title: Policing the Exodus: Drought, Internal Migration, and Policing in Northeastern Brazil 
  • Ella Bayi, PhD Candidate in Political Science
    • Title: Local Responses to Protected Areas: Evidence from Ecuador
  • Mónica Cerda, PhD Candidate in Latin American and Iberian Cultures
    • Title: Preaching on the Road to Mictlan: Image, Evangelization and Insurrection in Northern New Spain.
  • Tomás Esper, PhD Candidate in Comparative and International Education at Teachers College
    • Title: The ‘Latin American way’? The contested trajectory of school autonomy and accountability policies in Colombia
  • Luise Malmaceda, PhD Candidate in Latin American and Iberian Cultures
    • Title: Memory is an Editing Room: Archival Practices in Brazilian Contemporary Art
  • Rosa María Mantilla Suárez, PhD Candidate in History
    • Title: The Politics of Modern Literary Criticism in the Northern Andes (1840-1930)
  • Dafne Murillo, PhD Candidate in Economics
    • Title: Land Redistribution and Productivity: Evidence from a Peruvian Reform 
  • Ana Laura Zuniga Loreto, PhD Candidate in History
    • Title: The (Un)desired Iconography of Time: Regulation of Timekeeping Devices in Eighteenth-Century Mexico


For a full list of grant recipients and for the project abstracts, click here. 


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