CeMeCA's Public Programming

CeMeCA's Events

For its public programming, the Center for Mexico and Central America hosts different events throughout the academic year.

Below is a list of past and upcoming events. 

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022              Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Fall 2023:

Book Presentation: Walking Together: Central Americans and Transit Migration Through Mexico

November 30, 2023

Join Sociologist Alejandra Díaz de León describe the trajectories of different types of social networks that migrants form, showing, surprisingly, that pre-established social networks might not be the best social arrangement in transit.

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Memoria y política en la coyuntura electoral actual (Guatemala, Venezuela y Argentina)

November 27, 2023

En esta conversación, un panel interdisciplinario intentará vincular la crisis de la democracia con el debate acerca de la memoria y su uso desde el poder.

*This event will be in Spanish




Monthly Seminar Series on Corruption and Impunity (Session 8)

November 17, 2023

Session 8: Good Tools, Bad Actors: The Misuses of Anti-Corruption Data Analysis

Anti-corruption analytics and information data solutions have proven highly effective tools for addressing issues like procurement, conflicts of interest, red flags, fraud detection, and police intelligence. But these tools can also be exploited by criminals or authoritarian governments for malicious ends, such as reinforcing corrupt rent systems and conducting political witch hunts. This session delves into the complexities surrounding analytical and information data tools that are potent tools to fight crime and corruption, but which also harbor the potential for misuse.

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Monthly Seminar Series on Corruption and Impunity (Session 7)

October 27, 2023

Session 7: Utilizing Data and Network Analysis to Counter Narcotic Criminal Groups and Address Narcotic Violence.

This panel explores the uses of data science tools in the fight against narco-trafficking networks. Such tools have been used to dismantle narcotic networks and curtail violence and have also been mobilized in response to the human rights violations these groups perpetrate, specifically forced disappearances. The panelists draw specifically on the experience of Mexico to explore these issues. This event will be virtual and will be delivered in Spanish,

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Art in Exile: The Work of Nicaraguan Painter León Van Kyu

October 21, 2023

In the last eighteen months, more than one hundred thousand migrant newcomers have arrived in New York City. One of them is painter León Van Kyu. Forced to flee his native Nicaragua as a result of political repression, he arrived in New York City in August 2022 with his wife and children. Through his painting, he explores the experience of exile and the search for a new home. In a moment when these newcomers are being blamed for the “destruction” of New York City, this exhibit suggests a different narrative: how our new neighbors enrich culture and community.